asanotherdaypasses asked:

Write 10 facts about you and pass this on to your 10 favorite followers ❤️

сара элис янг Answer:

Thank you @asanotherdaypasses ❤️

1. I am an aspiring special needs teacher specialising in hearing-impaired disabilities and wanting to synthesise Auslan sign language into the Australian curriculum.

2. I left home when I was 16, and have been completely independent and supported myself through high school and university

3. I am baptised as Russian Orthodox

4. My little sister is the most beautiful, kind, inspiring and intelligent young woman I know, and I owe her my life

5. My partner is single most incredible thing that has ever happened to me. He is my best friend, my support and my strength.

6. I am a proud vegan :)

7. I have a motorbike licence

8. I want to adopt and also be a foster mum

9. I plan on building my own house, having an orchard and a vineyard

10. My little ginger cat, Vincent is named after Van Gogh (my favourite artist) and he is a rescue kitty

ilveromarco asked:

B, J, R, Z ;)

сара элис янг Answer:

B. FAVORITE BAND. Alexisonfire

J. WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GET OLDER. A Doctor of Education


Z. HOW ARE YOU? Very well, ready for bed xo

notanotherjabberwocky asked:

A, D, N & Z

сара элис янг Answer:

Thank you so much @notanotherjabberwocky

A: Why my last relationship ended: My last relationship ended due to our lives moving directions, best decision I ever made as I later met the love of my life and it rocks :)

D: Hardest thing I’ve ever been through: Leaving home when I was 16 with a pair of jeans, two t-shirts and a single pair of shoes and $500 to my name was the scariest and best thing I’ve ever done. I left an abusive home, and made a life for myself, put myself through school, supported myself and got myself to uni with a scholarship, but it was scary as I had no one to rely on but myself and that is the hardest and strongest thing I’ve ever done.

N: Favourite place to shop at? Aesop, easily one of my happy places :)

Z: I am exhausted but well. Feeling settled after smashing out a huge assignment today.